Our drafting & design department is known for:

Multi-Skilled Drafters

Our drafters are skilled in a variety of software, including AutoCAD Electrical, Civil 3D, MEP, Inventor, Revit, Solidworks, Plant 3D, etc. 

On-Site Assistance

At your request, our team has the option of traveling to your location to work with you in person, whether at an office or a construction site.

Quality Assurance

ARY Engineering remains dedicated to the project and the work after completion, guaranteeing 100% satisfaction.

Competitive Rates

We are certain that we will save you money with our highly competitive variable rate system – more bang for your buck! 

Rapid Turn-Around

We specialize in immediate and rushed orders, potentially getting you your drafts in as little as a few hours. 

Interested in a high-quality, rapid-service drafting partner? Contact us today!

Standards and Templates

Why Standardize?

Having a company-wide drafting standard improves efficiency within the company while allowing all output to look consistent and professional. 

Smart Titleblocks

Having a user-friendly and properly made titleblock with attributes can make a big difference for your team’s efficiency. Let ARY make yours!

Block and Family Creation

Whether you need a library of P&ID blocks in AutoCAD or custom parametric families in Revit, we’ll do the busy work, so you won’t have to.

Managing Drawing Output

Annotative scaling, line weights, plot styles…..so much to keep track of when creating final drawing packages! We’ll help your output look consistent and professional.

Why BIM?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) helps make sure that the right information is known at the right time. Make better construction decisions when ARY does your BIM – save time AND money.

Structural and Architectural Modeling

From I-beams to curtain walls, we’ll help you visualize and model your building’s skeleton and exterior.

Electrical and HVAC (MEP)

Do you want to wait until construction day to find interferences between your pre-fabricated conduit and piping runs? Clash recognition is our area of expertise – let us save you millions.

Visual Convenience

We are experts with the software, so you don’t have to be. Walk through your model with our team and point out areas of concern or make adjustments and view results in real-time.

Model the World Around You

Take advantage of our 30+ years of 3D modeling experience to build everything from a precision medical tool to a factory floor full of equipment. 

Shop Drawings

Whether we are reverse engineering an existing assembly or doing product design and prototype development – we’ll make sure your fabrication team have no trouble making it. 

Analysis and Simulations

Simulate and predict a product’s real-world physical behavior by virtually testing CAD models with our Finite Element Analysis (FEA) capabilities.

As-Built Documentation

Why As-Builts?

Like with everything else in life, construction projects do not always go as planned. The result often differs from the original design drawings in dimension, material, quality, and seemingly minor details. If these changes are not documented, ongoing maintenance and building support will be a nightmare, only getting worse with time. A proper as-built will pay for itself several times over within just a few years!

On-Site Designers

Our team will visit the construction site and document every last detail in the as-built, noting variations from the design drawings, or making our own drawings from scratch.

PDF to CAD Conversions

PDF-to-CAD converters are easy to find – consistency and quality is not. Let our team convert your archived PDFs into accurate drafts for your future use

LIDAR Floorplan Creation

Looking to sell or remodel your home or business?

ARY’s LIDAR scanning technology offers a quick and easy way to obtain an accurate floorplan, giving you the perfect canvas to begin putting your dreams on paper.