2D Mapping

Conduct aerial surveys and create high definition orthomosaic maps of your facility, stitched from thousands of pictures and LIDAR data.

Daily and weekly recurring maps, collected by regular drone surveys, can be used to manage stockpiles, water drainage, erosion detection, and pit and dump management among a host of other uses.

3D Modeling

Create a 3D snapshot of your environment with our advanced point cloud meshing technology, allowing you to navigate a 3D model of your site remotely.

Multispectral Crop Analysis

Analyze your crop’s health and improve your yield using ARY’s multispectral imaging technology, allowing you to:

  • Identify pests, disease, and weeds
  • Provide data on soil fertility and refine fertilization by detecting nutrient deficiencies
  • Measure irrigation insufficiencies and analyze potential water stress


Conduct visual inspections of assets in hard-to-reach areas, cutting down on the risk and expense of exposing people to dangerous environments.

Our camera’s ability to swivel 180 degrees allows you to inspect the undersides of structures such as bridges, giving you an unprecedented opportunity for up-close analysis, without endangering your team.

Thermal Capabilities

Aerial thermal infrared inspection services can help you spot heat leakage, water damaged areas, and collect valuable data for repairs.

Inspect substations and outdoor electrical facilities, uncovering areas with excess heat and preventing component failures.

Streamline your pipeline’s ROI by identifying thermal and pressure leaks, which are nearly impossible to efficiently identify manually with an on-ground team.