Rocco Luongo, P.E.

President & Chief Executive Officer

Rocco Luongo, PE is a multiple patent-holding licensed engineer who brings twenty-three years of engineering and business acumen to help solve our client’s toughest problems.  “Engineering is great, but ultimately it is a step to achieve a larger goal.  It may be a new home or a new piece of equipment, but whatever your dream is, we want to help you succeed in a way most meaningful to you.”  Rocco has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of New Hampshire and completed a master’s program in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering in Germany.  He has worked for small and large companies in the US and Europe, and then he became an entrepreneur and never looked back by owning, growing, and selling businesses in the US and Asia.  Rocco has focused his career on helping businesses achieve what truly matters and brings that fire to every project he touches.

Arthur Baranovskiy

Treasurer & Chief Operating Officer

Arthur Baranovskiy comes from a background in R&D at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, where he has several publications while working with groups such as the Battery500 Consortium and Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction (CWMD). Before PNNL, Arthur got his Electrical Engineering degree from Washington State University, with a focus on power engineering and a minor in mathematics. Arthur’s passion for problem-solving led him to found and sell several local businesses, including AYB Drafting, a local drafting and design firm that serviced clients all over the Pacific Northwest, tapping into the sizeable technical market.  

Jeff Hardman

Mechanical Engineer

Jeff Hardman is a Mechanical Engineer with more than 15 years of experience helping companies answer complex questions using engineering principles. Jeff has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Idaho. His experience covers a diverse range from mechanical system design and analysis to prototyping and experimental design, working for small and large companies. Jeff thrives on taking engineering solutions from a whiteboard sketch through detailed design and fabrication to testing and implementation. 

Camron Ball

Administrative Manager

Camron Ball recently graduated from the Carson College of Business at Washington State University, receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. Camron has previous experience supporting the Continuous Improvement Program at Hanford Mission Integration Solutions (HMIS), conducting Structured Improvement Activities to increase efficiency and reduce waste in processes across the Hanford Site. This experience and his passion for creating and implementing innovative solutions to complex business problems have enabled him to contribute as the Administrative Manager at ARY Engineering.

Andres Camacho


Andres Camacho studied at Columbia Basin College to earn his Engineering Technology degree. Reaching out to better his future, he now works at ARY Engineering as an industrial designer. He wants to continue his education from the classroom to the workforce, where he can continue to grow his passion as a civil engineer at ARY Engineering.

Ryan Praetorius


Ryan Praetorius’ passion for drawing led him to apply his skills in industrial drafting. He studied engineering and construction drawing at Columbia Basin College and has more than 5 years of drafting and modeling experience in AutoCAD, Revit, and SolidWorks. After receiving his Engineering Technology degree, he is now a dedicated industrial designer for ARY Engineering

Daniel Navarro

Daniel Navarro received his Engineering Technology degree from Columbia Basin College in September of 2022. Daniel chose to join ARY as an industrial designer to jump start his career while he wraps up school to gain experience and knowledge. At ARY, Daniel enjoys learning new things that will help him succeed in his career path. Outside of school and work, Daniel enjoys spending time with his family and is engaged in his hobbies, including music, soccer, and other athletics.   

Corben Kane

Corben Kane studied at Columbia Basin College to earn his Engineering Technology degree, as well as working towards his Bachelors in Civil Engineering. Finding ARY through the Engineering Technology program, he now works at ARY Engineering as an industrial designer. He wants to continue his education from the classroom to the workforce, where he can continue to grow his passion as a civil engineer at ARY Engineering.

Eduardo Antunez


Eduardo “Lalo” Antunez is an industrial designer at ARY Engineering with a focus on mechanical design and project management support. Eduardo is also working on completing his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at Washington State University. In his free time, Eduardo enjoys spending time with his family and exploring new hobbies.

Dylan Slover


Dylan Slover is a recent graduate of the Engineering Technology program at Columbia Basin College and is pursuing a Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering at Washington State University. Dylan has previous experience as an Engineering Design Intern in the government contracting industry, where he developed a fundamental knowledge of multiple engineering disciplines. This experience has equipped Dylan with the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute as an Industrial Designer at ARY Engineering effectively.

Ryan Taylor

Design Engineer

Ryan Taylor is an Industrial Drafter and has been with ARY Engineering for two years. He has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, an Engineering Technician degree, and a CAD certificate. One of Ryan’s passions is industrial design, which drafting helps to satisfy, but he passion is making important design decisions requiring the use of his M.E. degree.  Ryan brings a can-do attitude which helps him work with a wide variety of people

Zachary Nygren

Design Intern
Zachary Nygren is studying at Columbia Basin College to receive his Engineering Technology degree. Zach found ARY through the Engineering Technology program and is eager to work with and learn from people in the engineering field. Outside of work, Zach likes to hang out with friends and enjoys researching new components to customize his desktop PC.