Industrial Drafting – Untangling a Site Plan

Want to improve your operations and maintenance team’s efficiency?

Use this PDF to help your on-site teams and vendors better navigate your complicated infrastructure, allowing them to complete their work successfully and safely. Putting in a little bit of CAD cleanup work into a drawing package can go a long way and will pay for itself before you know it. This industrial drafting guide to untangling your drawing set includes:

  • Creating a building template file that contains all immovable infrastructure, but no utilities.
  • Isolating utilities into their own drawings, creating separate sets of geometry that make future editing and additions a breeze.
  • The proper use of External References, removing the possibility of nested XREFs, the bane of most design leads.
  • Outputting the final drawing package in a format that is conducive to any vendor, contractor, or operations manager.
Using industrial drafting and design to untangle a complex site plan

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